The Kata that we practice, can be assembled into four main ‘groups’.

Suggested Kata – Are not ‘Official’, or ‘Prescribed’ Kata; but are recommended practice, as they improve precision of punches, and transition in stances.

Shitei Kata – ‘Designated Kata’ are required for ‘Kyu-Grade’ exams; and introduce different concepts, at each level.

Sentei Kata – ‘Selected Kata’ are selected, to give guidance in terms of preferred practice. These kata allow for the development of the student, before attempting other, more complicated kata.
This is the highest level that Junior Black Belts can select from, when choosing their ‘Tokui Kata’.

Advanced Kata  – is basically everything else.

Tokui Kata – Your personal favourite Kata (not a ‘Kata Group’). It is expected that once you have chosen your Tokui Kata; that you will ‘Master’ that Kata, and become somewhat of an expert on the details of its content.
Tokui Kata is performed at Dan-Grade Examinations, and in Kata Finals, at tournaments.